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LED the strong light flashligh



TM-8003 TM-8003 TM-8003 TM-8003
Product name:TM-8003
Product type: TM-8003
Specifications: 45MM*26MM*155MM
Color: Black
Product description:
Source: CREE Q5 LED original American imports are white, up to 350 lumens brightness, illumination time up to 100000 hours, without the cost of follow-up.
Material quality: shell with Alcoa alloy with high strength and wear resistance, hard oxidation, carry more convenient, do not have to worry about being fall, hurt for precision CNC machining CNC machine tools, exquisite workmanship, shock resistance standard, IPX-8 waterproof standard, battery cathode contact is made of copper production, can effectively reduce the resistance to enhance efficiency.
Circuit: IC control constant current circuit, having a reverse connection prevention, prevention function, no memory function design, ensure the stability of products, 5 gear dimming design, 5 gear dimming: high - - low - storm flash -SOS
Light: 1000MA A.
Photo: 350MA B.
Weak light: 60MA C.
D. violence flash:
E.SOS international distress signal ( 3, 3, 3 short long short )
Shift: touch tail switch, electricity into first gear profile for light, gently tap switch, in turn, in the light of weak light - storm flash -SOS, strong weak current ratio is: 100%-30%-5%
Optical glass optical glass: aluminum alloy, surface never drop ( a maximum range of 350 meters or more)
Battery : 1 18650 EC Ming genuine batteries, low continued flight time of 4 hours
Self-defense: head for lotus attack head design, it can be used to defend risk
Outdoor: camping can be inverted, flashlight when a candle, light tent using, can scare beast, to keep you safe,
Waterproof: good sealing performance, has a life of water, rain days in normal use, accidentally fell into the water immediately picked up to normal use
Quality: high aluminum alloy shell, Naishuai, shockproof, good corrosion resistance, careful design of the circuit and chip imports to ensure the flashlight and batteries having excellent low temperature performance, to ensure that in a variety of adverse environmental and climatic conditions of normal use
Purpose: geological exploration, adventure tourism, border patrol, coastal patrol, rescue disaster, field operations, tunnelling, forest fire prevention, airport inspection, archaeological and fire command, criminal investigation, traffic accidents, such as various types of emergency lighting in the field of electrical repair
Note: due to LED flashlight light is too strong, not on human eyes irradiation, super bright glare, temporary blindness, especially children.
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