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LED the strong light flashligh



TM-8001 TM-8001 TM-8001 TM-8001
Product name:TM-8001

Product model: TM-8001
Specifications: 45MM ( head diameter ( diameter *30MM ) tail ) *223MM (total length )

Using the United States CREE XP-G Q5 LED 6800-8000, color temperature, life of up to 50000-100000 hours.

The luminance output: (light - light - light - alarm flash -SOS ) can design a single file can also design multiple files, light: 500 lumens, 1000MA current illumination time of 4 hours, in the light of: 300 lumens, 700MA lighting time of 6 hours, the weak light: 80 lumens, 150MA lighting time 22 hours.

The maximum range can be more than 500 meters.

The circuit of constant current, constant brightness.

The aviation magnalium material, precision CNC lathes production; military grade hard anode oxidation treatment, wear-resistant flower durable, bright color does not fade.

The ultra clear tempered glass lens.

The high definition vacuum coating aluminum reflector cup ( can peel can also smooth ).

A special silicone waterproof ring, up to grade IPX-8 waterproof.

The battery model: 1*18650 ( 2200HMA ) Li-ion cell or 2*CR123 cell.

Charge: battery charging.

The high quality of the tail light touch button switch, a switch handle.

Environmental protection silicone button switch cap ( orange silica gel cap, also can Black Silicone Cap ).

The weight: 222.5g ( battery not included ).

The widely used in public security, police, fire, water, forestry, outdoor, outdoor, adventure, travel.


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