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Mechanical zoom glare flashlight

Mechanical zoom glare flashlight Mechanical zoom glare flashlight Mechanical zoom glare flashlight Mechanical zoom glare flashlight
Product name:Mechanical zoom glare flashlight
[ product name ]: mechanical zoom glare flashlight ( rotary dimmer )
[ ]: product model WS-001 electrodeless light flashlight
[ ]: type rotating electrodeless focusing flashlight ( sandblasting matte black )
[ ] the United States: a light emitting element original Corey CREE (Q5) high power LED
[ ]: navigation magnesium alloy material
[ ]: a 260 lumen brightness
[ ]: light emitting mode - weak light - Flash
[ ] 180: endurance time light
[ ] the 1 section of the 18650 battery: rechargeable lithium battery and / or 3 7 batteries.
[ table ]: II layer with a hard anodized.
[ switch ]: Lamp tail tactical switch.
[ ]: IPX3. waterproof
[ color ]: sandblasting black
[ ]: first-class level.
[ Characteristics ]: ( 1) cap independent rotary dimmer ( i.e. mechanical zoom ), very convenient
2) the tail patch tactical switch, with hanging clip
* the United States using the latest CREE LED color is white, measuring up to 200 lumens . Long life, a range of 200 meters, good light gathering effect, floodlight excellent! The lamp life of up to 100000 hours.
A. light, brightness 210 lumens, 800MA -1200MA
B. light, brightness 130 lumens, 350MA-450MA
C. violence flash, a 210 lumen brightness
* use time: 2.5 hours of light, light 5 hours, 6 hours by flash
* shift method: thumb gently tail switch can shift.
* focusing method: independent rotary lamp focusing switch is convenient and practical.
* the condensing system: aluminum metal surface reflecting cup.
* the shell material: aluminum alloy
* the United States original CREE the highest level of Q5 high power LED, very high cost of up to 210 lumens.
* main purpose ( such as patrol, search and other ); outdoor activities ( hiking, camping, hunting and other );
* professional needs ( such as jewelry, gamble stone appreciation etc.); suitable for family standing.

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