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LED the strong light flashligh



AK-96 AK-96 AK-96 AK-96
Product name:AK-96

Type: AK-96  
Case Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
Finish: Hard anodized
Color: Titanium Black
CREE Q5 high power LED light source: import
Power supply: two 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, or 4 16340 lithium battery
Current: 1200MAH
Waterproof grade: IP68
Drive circuit 6-18V beam brightness of 600 - 800 lumens. A range of 500 m
Battery: two 18650 rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery (with battery charge and discharge protection)
Lighting time: 240 minutes light
Brightness: 5 m at 100% brightness 1000LUX 30% the brightness 350LUX 10% brightness 130LUX
Spot diameter: 1 m at the irradiation spot diameter 8CM
Size: length of the handle diameter lamp diameter 45MM 240MM 25MM
Cruise Time: 30% brightness of 360 minutes, 10% brightness of 1000 minutes, 100% brightness 120 minutes
Switch mode: tail button switch
Charging method: cradle way
1.CREE Q5 LED with to enhance the smooth aluminum light cup can maximize the flashlight condenser, long-range
2.6-18V wide voltage circuit, compatible with 2 18650 4 16340 batteries
3. Gold-plated brass lamp holders, heat is more thorough
4. This flashlight charging function only Division I configured the dedicated charger and Battery!
Function: inspection, search, inspection, first aid, aimed at the appreciation of jewelry, suitable for family standing
Basic configuration: flashlight + 18650 battery + anti-reverse cradle + Box

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